Mixed-Media, Shadow Box, and Silhouette Paintings

I create mixed media paintings with color and line quality reminiscent of painterly etchings. This impression is achieved through the addition and removal of multiple layers of oil paint over acrylics on a heavily gessoed (primed) wooden panel.

My shadow box paintings resemble found object art. The appearance of an old box is achieved by gluing various papers and fabrics inside wood boxes that have been painted and distressed. The papers and fabrics are then aged with dry pigment, varnish, and shellac. The paintings are executed on birch panel that has been cut and broken to fit the box. The panel is gessoed, sometimes collaged, and then finished with acrylic and oil paints.

My silhouette painting constructions are made with birch panel, linen, found paper, hemp, gesso, oil paint, brass hardware, shellac, and wax. They are two dimensional cutout, collaged, and painted shapes installed in three inch deep oak box frames.

My Creative process begins with a sketch of an idea. Ideas are sometimes inspired by literature, music, or theater as a way of personally interpreting historic and contemporary culture. Other sketches are created automatically, without premeditation in order to discover the features of a character or a scene more as a participant in the emerging idea than as its creator. Rarely is any photographic reference used as a starting point as it is my intention to create something that cannot be captured by a lens, but rather allowed to evolve from my subconscious.